Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring is just around the corner!

You might be getting tired of all the mud being tracked in by your family due to the recent warm weather, and lack of grass at your new home. Need a solution? We can help!

Spring is a great time to hydroseed. Not only are daytime temperatures lower to keep moisture in the ground, there is also slow release of moisture from melting snow. Come summer time when temperatures are warmer and you want to be outside more, your grass will be ready for a cut! Hydroseeding in the spring time ensures that you will have a luscious lawn by mid summer.

Calgary Lawn Solutions can help you with all your grass needs. We offer various high quality seed blends that are best suited to your needs. Typically after hydroseeding, grass will sprout within 5-7 days under ideal conditions, and you should have your first cut within the first 4-6 weeks!

Want to keep your lawn looking great throughout the entire summer? We can help with that too. We offer fertilizing to keep your lawn looking great, right into the fall season.

Contact us today for a free quote and to get your spring landscaping underway!
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