Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nearing End of Season!

It is nearing the end of the season and it is a perfect time to get your lawn Hydroseeded!

You may think that it's not such a great time to seed your lawn because winter is coming and the seeds may not survive. This is not true! Fall is a perfect time to see your lawn for many reasons:

  • Grass likes cooler temperatures. When the temperature is very warm, it is hard to keep moisture in the ground and to keep your grass hydrated. Hydroseeding in the fall reduces the risk for hot weather, giving your grass a better chance to establish and germinate before the winter comes.
  • Seeds do not die in the winter. They only go dormant. When the spring comes and the snow on your lawn melts, it provides great moisture conditioning for the soil and the grass seeds. Spring also tends to be not as hot, and will result in better growth. 
  • Most weeds that compete with grass are dead and diseases are under control. Your lawn will also come in thick in the spring, making it hard for weed seeds to establish. 
Don't let fall discourage you from hydroseeding. It really is the best time! 

**For more information and special Fall pricing, check out our website @ www.calgaryhydroseeding.ca

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